Monday, January 23, 2017 @ 9:59 am

Recently I read a guidance about "cherry, plum, peach, damson", which is basically about living true to yourself and allow your unique self to bloom and shine. No character is definitely bad or good; there will always be instances where a certain character quality becomes a weakness and at other times, a strength. The key is to bring out the strength of our character and improve on our weakness as we are.

I used to think that my hypersensitivity is a genuinely bad thing so I end up making a lot of pretty accurate judgment AND THEN ignoring them altogether, chiding myself for being sensitive. So I spend time on seeing the literal and take things as they are, only to realise later on that I was mostly right. The only times I messed up in my judgment were when I mixed my own insecurities with my own sensitivity. As all of them are feeling/intuition based and I have a penchant for logic and reasoning, this gets very annoying for me and I end up feeling overwhelmed and confused by all of my thoughts.

But somehow this guidance struck a chord with me so much and after some daimoku, I realised that yeah, why not I tap on my sensitivity as a strength rather than despising this huge part of myself as a major flaw? In this way, it becomes a lot easier for me to sense things right quickly and also react in a more thoughtful and measured manner.

There is no need to be someone whom I am not. Trust this sensitivity of mine yet making sure that I dont let them be corrupted by self-doubts and insecurities. Sharpen my existing tools instead of always harping on the things I lack and be ashamed of myself.


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